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Interfaith Forum Carlisle National Interfaith Week Weekend Event ~Spiritual Health~ 16—17 November


Cadgill House welcomes Interfaith Forum Carlisle
for National Interfaith Week Weekend Event ~Spiritual Health~
16th—17th November 2013

Carlisle Interfaith Nov 2013

We have arranged to have four sessions per day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Vegetarian Food will be provided for lunch and hot/cold refreshments will be available mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Please advise us of any other dietary requirements in advance. Cadgill House has several bedrooms so we can offer limited overnight accommodation for anyone traveling from afar. Again please let us know well in advance so we can arrange this. Our upstairs Library will be set aside for silent prayer and meditation. We have a large walking garden which you are welcome to wander (bring wellies as it can be wet and muddy).

Please register the sessions you will be attending. You can come for one session or more or all if you so choose.

Saturday 16th November 2013
10 am—11 am Repentance – Is this part of your faith path? Does repentance change anything and what outcome do we seek?
11 am—11.30 am Break
11.30 am—12.30 pm Forgiveness – for oneself and also towards each other. What is the nature of forgiveness and how does it affect our spiritual health?
12.30 pm—1.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm—2.30 pm Prayer – our own personal prayer practice as well as any corporate expressions of prayer.
2.30 pm—3.00 pm Break
3.00 pm—4.00 pm Stillness/Silence/ Meditation – Does this have a role in each faith? How do we use stillness and silence and are they the same? What happens during meditation? Is it a formal or informal part of your faith?
4.00 pm Social Time and departure time for first day
6.30 pm Evening Meal for those staying over. Hot and cold drinks will be available throughout the evening.

Sunday 17th November 2013
10 am—11 am Physical Health and Well-Being – how far does our physical health affect our spiritual health and what steps can we take to ensure our spiritual health is not adversely affected by our physical state.
11 am—11.30 am Break
11.30 am—12.30 pm Faith in Action – two parts: reflecting back to our own faith community our activities and insights gained from the Interfaith Forum and our role and programme in schools.
12.30 pm—1.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm—2.30 pm Teaching – the two sides of teaching: imparting of the deeper truths of one’s faith and the pastoral care of members of our community.
2.30 pm—3.00 pm Break
3.00 pm—4.00 pm Praise and Thanksgiving – is this part of each faith or is it limited to only certain faiths?
4.30 pm—4.30 pm Aftab Khan will show a documentary film from Kashmir showing the impact of political division and how this affects the faith communities and their ability to visit sacred places of their choice. It is a real world out there where division exists on all levels.


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