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About Us


Who we are

AWAZ Cumbria was established as first ever county wide BME organisation in Cumbria and registered as Community Interest Company on 18th May 2007.

In rural Cumbria, AWAZ has been working for community development since 2005 by providing support for formal/informal community groups and empowering the voice of BME people and communities (including migrant workers, Gypsy and Travellers).


AWAZ Cumbria aims to create strong and vibrant BME communities, fully engaged in the decisions which affect their growth and development.


Our shared vision with the people of Cumbria is to build pride in and make Cumbria a place where:

  • Everyone is welcome to live, learn, work, visit and conduct business;
  • People celebrate their diversity and maintain their heritage;
  • BME communities and local people work together to tackle prejudice and promote understanding.

What We Do

 AWAZ Cumbria is a social enterprise and community development organisation which: 

  •  Works with people to improve their quality of life;
  • Supports community development initiatives and partnerships;
  •  Delivers training, engagement and enterprise solutions for all sectors;
  •  Provides public policy advocacy.   

AWAZ Cumbria also provides information, advocacy and support to BME people in complex and difficult situations by making referrals to appropriate organisations and connecting people and community networks.

(AWAZ—meaning "voice" in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages)

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