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Connection Hub


The Connection Hub is back!

After the first lockdown experience, our participants reported that the event was something they looked forward to during isolation and asked for it to be brought back, as we experience another lockdown.

The Connection Hub is a safe, virtual space for people to connect with others across the county, get up-to-date information, meet new people and old friends, talk about current events and process, together, what is going on.

A virtual community where friendships are born and strengthened and where support and advice on important issues can be found; a place to share music, book, film and TV show recommendations; play games together; learn about each other's cultures and experiences of coming to the UK and share ideas of how to make life more inclusive for different ethnic minority communities in Cumbria.

 Join us on Tuesdays 1.30 – 3pm and become a part of this community!

 Visit our Facebook page on the day to get the Zoom link.

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