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Cumbria Community Integration Project


Cumbria Community Integration Project is developing infrastructure to support the integration of Cumbria’s migrant and resident communities through a community development approach– delivered by AWAZ Cumbria in partnership with voluntary and community sector and statutory partners. Cumbria Community Integration Project is undertaking a community asset-based approach and will focus resource on a series of interventions on the following 2 themes:

• Strengthening communities

• Reducing impact on services

This approach recognises increased public perceptions of migration through fostering good relations that is tackling prejudice and promoting mutual understanding, provable reduction in demand for services and firm action to tackle the root causes of extremism. The project will be delivered over two years from September 2018-20. The funding comes from the Government’s Controlling Migration Fund, and will be led by Cumbria County Council, with AWAZ, Cumbria CVS and Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC) as delivery partners.

Objectives 1- Strengthening communities:

The aim is to develop a bottom-up approach where local integration plans identify actions that are then followed up. This could be training English language volunteers, football competitions, local fetes or organised visits to the Mosque in North and West Cumbria for the surrounding community (these are illustrative examples at this stage). We will build links with migrants in identified areas, review community assets they are accessing and strengthen their relationship with local communities.

2- Reducing Impact on Services:

The aim is to engage with local school clusters via Cumbria Alliance of System Leaders to identify additional support required for the families of EAL pupils to improve the English language spoken in the home, then to work with Adult and Community Education to provide bespoke support, and Work with Early Help and Children’s Social Care. AWAZ will deliver the programme of activities in partnership with Cumbria CVS and the Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC).

Project Partners

AWAZ (Cumbria) whose registered office is Unit 29, Carlisle Enterprise Centre, James Street, Carlisle, CA2 5BB, “Lead Organisation”;

Cumbria CVS - Shaddongate Resource Centre, Carlisle, CA2 5TY

Cumbria Development Education Centre - Low Nook, Rydal Rd, Ambleside LA22 9BB

(All are independent organisations). 

Advancing Equality Agreement

This Agreement is made between a Consortium of Public Sector organisations and AWAZ Cumbria.

The Member Organisations share the following Equality aims with Delivery Partners, Third Sector, and Community organisations:


  • To identify Equality priorities.
  • Provide practical advice and guidance.
  • Challenge Member Organisations in their efforts to continually improve.
  • Promote and share best practice.

 Member Organisations and Delivery Partners will:

  • Work together to dismantle any barriers that prevent effective action.
  • Share relevant information and enable access to networks that develop, facilitate and promote joint work.
  • Identify and share information about funding opportunities.

  Member Organisations and Delivery Partners will make the following the primary focus of activities:

  • Contribute to the development and achievement of Equality objectives in relation to Age, Disability, Gender (including Transgender), Ethnicity, Religion and Belief, Maternity and Paternity, Marital Status and Sexual orientation.
  • Enable effective community engagement to take place relating to Age, Disability, Gender (including Transgender), Ethnicity, Religion and Belief, Maternity and Paternity, Marital Status and Sexual orientation.
  • Contribute to the inspection and audit process of Member Organisations` performance on Equality.
  • Participate in joint learning and development activities and programmes.
  • Identify and share good practice and innovation.

In addition to this as part of delivery activities through 'Spot Purchasing'arrangments with member organisations of Cumbria Advancing Equality Agreement; 

AWAZ Cumbria act as an infrastructure body, providing strategic advice, guidance, and support to the Member Organisations on Race Equality and Black and Minority Ethnic related matters and in working towards complying with Equality and related legislation and improved quality of life and services for Black and Minority Ethnic people and communities, based on, and that reflect, the views of Black and Minority Ethnic people in Cumbria.

This will include:

  • Independent scrutiny of Member Organisations’ activities
  • Targeted community engagement
  • Policy advice 


AWAZ Cumbria - Pathways to Changing Lives Project

The aim of “Pathways to Changing Lives Project” is to help in overcoming  following barriers Black and Minority Ethnic People experience in their efforts to improve their quality of life and access services equally and equitably;

  • Prejudice and rural racism
  • Socio-economic exclusion and disadvantage
  • Fewer mentoring and befriending opportunities
  • A very small number of appropriate advice and support networks


Recognising the rural context of Cumbria and the challenges in improving life chances and getting social justice due to prejudice and rural racism, this project aimed at BME individuals and groups, including Gypsies, Travellers and Migrant Workers, to:

  • Develop relationships with BME individuals and newly forming groups to provide support in complex and difficult situations, as well as befriending to overcome disadvantage and challenge discrimination;
  • Establish and support BME networks; specifically youth, women and migrant workers to empower them to plan and prepare for the future;
  • Organise training and events which: promote community cohesion; develop BME capacity to access personal development programmes, including life skills; and actively participate and contribute to ‘Big’ Society;
  • Facilitate the empowerment of BME people to play full and active roles in the community and wider society.


This project started in September 2011 with the funding support from the Northern Rock Foundation until August 2014.

Further details please read annual project progress reports.

AWAZ Cumbria Pathways to Changing Live Project Report 2011- 12

AWAZ Cumbria Pathways to Changing Live Project Report 2012- 13



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