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Please take part in the SANE Living with Schizophrenia Survey


SANE Living with Schizophrenia Survey

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SANE has a long history of campaigning to improve the standards of care for people with mental illnesses. 

The views of patients, families and carers about care and treatment for severe mental illness are often poorly understood by decision-makers in Parliament, Government and the NHS.

SANE’s latest campaign wants to make sure that the voices  of these people are heard and inform decisions about services.

We have worked with Lundbeck and Otsuka to develop a survey to capture the insights and views of all those affected by schizophrenia. If you are a patient with schizophrenia, family member or carer and are based in the UK, we invite you to complete this confidential and anonymous survey.

The results of the survey will be used to inform policy recommendations with the aim of improving standards of care.

(SANE retains editorial independence and control of the findings of the survey and has exclusive ownership of all intellectual property arising from it).

Please follow this link if you would like to take part in the survey:


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