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Cumbria County Council Neighbourhood Care Independence Programme 1st Anniversary


Cumbria County Council’s

Neighbourhood Care Independence Programme

First Anniversary

 Neighbourhood Independence Scheme

A service that supports people who need help to stay independent is poised to reach its first anniversary.

The launch of Cumbria County Council’s neighbourhood care independence programme has led to more than 2,000 volunteers being trained.

It provides a range of activities through charities and other groups, such as befriending services and support for people such as patients who have returned home from hospital.

The programme was launched in April last year and gives backing to community volunteers by making sure they have the basics in place to help more people live independently at home for longer.

Beth Furneaux, councillor with responsibility for health and care services, said: “Neighbourhood care independence is a valuable programme that goes beyond being a good neighbour.  In many of our communities there are people who need extra help with some of the simpler chores that are the essentials of everyday life, from shopping to mowing the lawn.  Other people may just need someone to talk to, or a bit of support when they return home from a spell in hospital.  Given the choice most people would choose to live in their own home as long as they were fit and able to do so and this programme helps that happen.”

The programme was funded with the NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group.

Dr Hugh Reeve, chairman of the group, added: “Helping more people to lead independent, healthy lives is one of Cumbria’s most important challenges.  GPs and other professionals can refer people to the programme. People can also contact the programme directly.”

A number of other organisations are involved.

For advice on how to access support or volunteer call 0844 9671885 for Carlisle and Eden or 0844 3843843 for Allerdale and Copeland.

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