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Carlisle Timebank


Carlisle Timebank is a way for people to 'get together' and spend 'time' instead of money. Everyone is valued the same and so everyone's time is equal.

You can offer your time for specific activities – for example you might be wonderful chess player and be happy to teach other people, or be happy to mend someone's punctures on a bike. Or, you can request a assignment – for example, you might really need someone to walk your dog while you are away for a weekend. On on-line accounting system keeps track of your 'debit' and time 'credits'

The Timebank is run by Sustainable Carlisle, and anyone is welcome to become a member.

If you would like more information – or would like to become a member -please, you can visit: Sustainable Carlisle on a Monday afternoon (12-4pm): Unit 46. Carlisle Enterprise Centre, James Street. Carlisle CA2 5BB. 07927970423. 

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