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The Passion Play: A Passion for Kendal 2012 A Review


The Passion Play: A Passion for Kendal was performed in the streets of Kendal for the first time in 400 years on Good Friday April 6th and Easter Saturday 7th by Kendal Community Theatre, a secular organisation open to anyone. The director was Chris Taylor and the script was written by Caroline Moir. The Mayor, Councillor Jonathan Brook, played Jesus Christ and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor John Willshaw, played Caiaphas. An estimated 1000 + people attended on Good Friday, and about 500 on Easter Saturday.


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Mystery Plays had been performed in many towns inEngland at the festival of Corpus Christi during June, from the Middle Ages until the 16thcentury. The Kendal Play had continued until 1605.


Scene 1: The Plot to Kill Jesus - The steps at Kendal Library

The arrest of Jesus is being plotted by the High Priests and Scribes. Joseph of Arimathea tries to dissuade them. Judas agrees to betray Jesus.


Scene 2: The Arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane-Kendal Market Place

Judas betrays Jesus. The disciples forsake Jesus and flee. Jesus is arrested.


Scene 3: The Roman Lockup - Top ofFinkle Street

The Sergeant hands over Jesus to the Centurion. Jesus, Barabbas and the thieves are marched to the Trail.

Scene 4: The Trial - The Town Hall

The High Priests and the Scribes accuse Jesus of breaking God’s law on the Sabbath.Pilate tries Jesus. Since it is Pesach (Passover), Pilate offers to release one prisoner: either Jesus or Barabbas. The crowd demand for Barabbas to be released. Pilate signs Jesus’s death warrant, and Jesus is taken away for crucifixion. Peter is accused by the servant of the High Priests of being an associate of Jesus, which Peter denies.

Scene 5: Jesus Falls - Highgate

Jesus falls, on the way to the crucifixion. The Roman soldiers force Simon of Cyreneto carry the cross beam.


Scene 6: The Crucifixion - The Brewery Steps

Jesus is crucified. Joseph of Arimathea and the women lift him down from the cross and lay him down on the ground, with his upper body lying on the lap of his Mother Mary. All the actors remain motionless, while the choir sings; bringing the proceedings to an end.



Scene 7 The Empty Tomb -The Castle

The women visit the tomb to prepare Jesus for burial. His body is not there. An angel informs them Jesus is alive and waiting for them in Galilee.

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