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Passion Play in Kendal, 6 & 7 April and Icon Painting Workshops, May & July


Kendal Passion Play: "A Passion for Kendal” 6 & 7 April 2012, Kendal Community Theatre

The Passion Play: A Passion for Kendal is being performed in Kendal for the first time in 400 years on 6 & 7 April by Kendal Community Theatre.

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The Monastery of Our Lady of Hyning has a beautiful Icon workshop. Sister Mary Stella made an Icon of St John the Theologian for Jacquetta Gomes who is playing him in the Passion Play. (She is a member of KWMMG Kendal Women’s Multi-faith Meditation Group) and a regular visitor to Hyning since 1999 with KWMMG). By invitation of the Mayor of Kendal Councillor Jonathan Brook (who is playing Jesus Christ in the Passion Play) the Icon will be visiting the Mayors Parlour in Kendal Town Hall.

Icon painting workshops led by Sister Mary Stella take place at Hyning Monastery. In 2012 they are held on May 8 -12 (beginners) and July 2 - 6 (intermediate and advanced). There will be weekly icon painting workshops thereafter.  There will be an exhibition of Icons in 2012.

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Sister Mary Stella explains the Icon of St John the Theologian as follows:

St John

St John the Theologian is known in the Gospel of John as the Beloved Disciple.

St John is turning around and up to listen to God’s Word seen in the upper left hand corner. God is mysteriously present always. St John teaches us to listen with our inner ear and heart. The divine presence is seen as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

St John holds a scroll in his right hand. It is the inspired word of God that his disciple (not seen) is taking down as dictation.

St John’s left hand is open to the world, giving what he has heard to the world.

The halo on St John reminds us he is divinized by God’s grace. Gold is a symbol of the divine presence.

St John sits with his feet on a sort of platform bringing heaven and earth into greater oneness.

The blue cloak reminds us of the divine and St John transcribed the divine word.

The rocks in the desert remind us it is the locus of God.

The cave is of dark ignorance, losing one’s way, despair etc.

St John sits in the true light and God uses him as a bearer of light.

St John invites us to sit in God’s presence.

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