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Discovering Islam in Cumbria


Some of the most exciting events we have hosted this year have been events centred around learning more about Islam and meeting local Muslim communities. We are firm believers in bringing people together, breaking down boundaries and learning more about other faiths and cultures. 

In April 2019, we helped Carlisle Mosque host their first open day, which was a huge success. More than 160 people walked through the doors of the mosque to find out more about the Muslim faith, get a henna tattoo, get their name written in Arabic calligraphy and meet the local Imam, Abdur Rashid. 

Carlisle Mosque Open Day 2019

The Carlisle mosque members were blown away and were very encouraged by the amount of people who attended. We have since been inundated with requests to get the contact details of the Imam and the mosque by schools, local residents, organisations, faith leaders and the media. If you would like to get in touch with the mosque, please use this email:

During Ramadan, we hosted “Iftar” events in Ambleside and Carlisle. Iftar is when Muslims break their fast at sunset each day during Ramadan. We invited members of the public to join the Muslim community in breaking their fast and to enjoy a meal together. Again, these events were hugely popular and it was amazing to see people coming together to learn and enjoy food together. At the end of Ramadan we helped host “Eid” parties in Carlisle and Whitehaven.

Carlisle Iftar 2019

A month ago, we linked up with a national organisation called Discover Islam UK. They put on a fantastic exhibition in Whitehaven, with plenty of information for members of the public to read as they walked around the exhibition. In addition, there was a whole host of volunteers on hand to answer questions, make refreshments, do henna tattoos and write names in Arabic calligraphy.

Discover Islam Exhibition Whitehaven 2019

Discover Islam Exhibition Whitehaven 2019

What's next? In 2020, we’re hoping to work alongside Carlisle Mosque to put on another event in Carlisle. We received so many messages from people who weren’t able to attend the last event, so we think it would be great to do another one! We’re also hoping to put on an event in Penrith in 2020. So keep an eye out. 

Discover Islam Exhibition Whitehaven 2019

If you would like more information or if you would like to be involved in volunteering at our future events. Please contact:

Nicole Cottingham

Discover Islam Exhibition Whitehaven 2019

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