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A new rehabilitation programme will turn the Spotlight on Hate Crime across Cumbria


A new rehabilitation programme will turn the Spotlight on Hate Crime across Cumbria

The Police and Crime Commissioner is pleased to announce that a new programme has been launched to help and support individuals who have been perpetrators of hate crimes/incidents or are at risk of offending, to move away from prejudice-based offending behaviours. The Commissioner secured funding for the programme through the Home Office Police Innovation Fund.

The ‘Turning the Spotlight’ programme will tackle prejudice, and aims to reduce hate crime and hate incidents, and foster good relations by helping individuals to reflect on actions and attitudes that harm people from diverse communities.

With the support of a mentor, each programme participant will gain a better understanding of different types of communities across Cumbria and their diverse cultures, inequalities and strengths, with an introduction to tackling hate crime and reducing reoffending.

Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes said: “I was keen to support this project because I firmly believe that education and awareness raising activities are key if we are to tackle hate crime in the county.  Any crime is unacceptable, but hate crime in particular has such a dramatic impact on people’s lives that we need to work hard with partners to address it.”

Aftab Khan of AWAZ Cumbria said: “ We would welcome referral on to this programme from any organisation and groups or individuals who wish to tackle and reconcile their prejudices and want to learn more how to live and work in a multicultural society to foster good realations across Cumbria.”

The programme will be delivered jointly by: 

AWAZ Cumbria

Carlisle MENCAP

Cumbria Reducing Offending Partnership Trust (CROPT)

Cumbria Youth Alliance

OutREACH Cumbria

The Heathlands Project

 More information on the project is available at or by telephoning 01228 511115   

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