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Cumbria County Council - Recruitment of New Members for Independent Remuneration Panel




The Council is seeking to recruit 4 suitably experienced people, to form its Independent Remuneration Panel. The Independent Remuneration Panel is appointed by the Council, and acts independently to review and make recommendations to the Council on the annual scheme for payment of financial allowances and expenses to members.

Successful applicants will have a background that equips them to work as a panel member to undertake reviews of members’ allowances and expenses and to formulate recommendations supported by their findings. Applicants  must be genuinely independent of the Council and willing to act with political impartiality in undertaking the role.
The Council will pay an annual allowance of £300, and reasonable travelling and subsistence expenses incurred in undertaking the role of panel member.

Please apply through the Cumbria Council website at

(This is an extension to the original closing date for applications and previous applicants do not need to re-apply. Thank you.)
The closing date for applications is 13 May 2019.

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