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BME People: Equity in Accessing GP Services in Carlisle


BME People: Equity in Accessing GP Services in Carlisle

An AWAZ Cumbria report on barriers to accessing GP service in Carlisle.  This report is the result of a small pilot community-based engagement project commissioned by Cumbria Link, to carry out a qualitative engagement with the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) service users’ of GP surgeries in Carlisle.

 Firstly, this community-based engagement project is to understand the situation on the ground with regards to equality of access for BME people in accessing GP surgeries and identify the barriers to equitable access to primary health care, and whether the existing means of booking appointments are adequately meeting the needs of BME community.

 Secondly, the project aim is to provide recommendations for GPs to help them in making appropriate improvement for BME people to enable them in accessing GP services equally, and equitable engagement of BME people in the decisions affecting their health and wellbeing.

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